BlackPearl Group of Companies

BLACK PEARL GROUP OF COMPANIES, (BPGC) was founded by its Chairman Perry DeCosta in 1998 with the sole purpose of providing for the Bahamian economy, a diversified corporation.


BPGC, headquartered in Nassau, is staffed by professionals, who are consigned to enveloping a changing Bahamian economy.

The expertise and international contacts of the principals, coupled with a broad range of products, a recognized market research source serving several islands in the Caribbean, gives us a unique edge for growth and development.

Our reputation is built on positive principles, not by others speculation, derived from acrimony.

Perry DeCosta

President & CEO

Our brand is trust, when people learn of our reputation, and they have a good experience with great service, great ideas and great solutions, that's a deposit into our brand account, a brand built on positive based principles.

Perry DeCosta

President & CEO

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