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When it was conceived, Ecirtaeb International Holdings Incorporated Ltd, purpose was to develop a chain of fast food concepts and enter the restaurant industry; with a view to export the products to neighboring island nations within the Caribbean, where 40 + million residents live and 15 million tourist visit each year.

Ecirtaeb primary purpose is to establish a group of original (in its local context) local fast food restaurants, specifically designed to cater to the indigenous taste, flavor and products that the community can identify with. The plan will be funded by inviting investors to participate in the development of the first project, and upon its success, invite them to take part is the other ventures.

The restaurant industry’s leading concept has been the American sit down, drive through fast food ideas. In and of themselves, these restaurants cater, not only to the locals but to the tourist market as well. Our aim it to develop several local products that will have the appearance, appeal and quality of branding as the imported brands.

In its early stages, Ecirtaeb International Holdings Incorporated Ltd was born out of a desire to honor the legacy of successful black business men whose reputation spoke for itself. Through the blotting out of truth and not wanting to give credit where it was due, their true legacies’ were skewed in the process. In our attempt to righting this wrong, Ecirtaeb will honor these heroic individuals as we develop and establish commemorative plack’s in all our restaurants, in their names.

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