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LyfeFoods Company, Ltd (LFCL) is a holistic organic company, committed to developing our niche in the Bahamian market as the premier nutritional import-food company. With a strong  affiliation in the community, LFCL is a provider  of  whole and organic foods .Through  the  importing of  based products, LFCL  is poised to manufacture  soy milk and supporting  products locally.

Part of our growth and development is the exporting of these soy products to emerging markets and neighboring countries, thereby creating shareholders value. By developing our own brand of soy milk and products, we will capture a large segment of the beverage market, which will render us more competitive in our pricing.

Creating a brand in the local community and region has become the hallmarks project  for our company.

We have determined that our name has consumer value and recognition and we need to capitalize on our customer’s giving us branding capital.

LFCL will be placing our name on such items as juices, canned peanuts, mixed nuts, dried fruits and much more. These everyday healthy treats will give us greater visibility and brand recognition.

The next important addition for LFCL is the implementation of our soy production facility. Soy has become the beverage of choice for those who are lactose intolerant, in addition to the physicians and health professionals, nutritionist and exercise gurus giving advice on soy beverage being a source of protein. In addition to the soy milk, we will be adding tofu, soy yogurt, and frozen dessert (ice cream).

Bahamians have become very knowledgeable about their health and the benefits of being healthy.

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