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DIEP ANKER has deliberately set a course to fulfill a mandate by the Government of The Bahamas to create a new awareness of the career opportunities that are available in maritime services. For the past thirty (30) years, The Bahamas has sought to capitalize on a growing world industry that can provide economic growth and stability for its citizens.

The maritime industry has many areas for job stability that Bahamians can take advantage of. Bahamians are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of having an industry that ‘as one of the world’s largest Registers with over 50 million gt of ships flying the Bahamas flag in every corner of the globe.’ Further, The Bahamas Maritime Authority is one of the world’s leading ship registries.

At DIEP ANKER, we will provide a cumbersome free, quick turn-around for our clients. Without the hassle of creating legal jargon that is confusing and time consuming, we will ensure that our clients clearly understand what is required and in instances where there is a language impediment, we will, at no cost to our clients, provide them with a linguist who understand their native tongue.

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is the third largest ship registry in the world, and is known for attracting quality conscious owners, seeking the kind of legislative frame work that encompasses and guarantees their needs.

Within the traditions of BMA and the pioneering standards they have set as the guidelines for developing a sterling industry, DIEP ANKER will seek to uphold these intrinsic values to make certain that our industry is well represented. We are confident that our resourceful team and advisors will deliver the kind of service that is unprecedented and well represented.

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