Black Pearl Investment Bahamas, Ltd.

The diversification of Black Pearl Investments Bahamas, Ltd (BPIBL) from an offshore management company, to a consultancy and product research company is an evolving success story.

Protecting ones assets has become a daunting task for prudent investors, interested in leaving an inheritance for their progeny. Through the incorporation of asset protection vehicles, such as offshore companies, BPIBL is committed to working with our clients to design the kind of asset protection structure that’s amenable for the clients future.  

The primary focus of BPIBL is, consulting with clients, to ensure they understand the benefits of being in The Bahamas and how to profit from legislation, which removes the tax burdensome structure of other countries. We continue to monitor new acts of parliament, which help to broaden the platform from which public and private companies can yield greater profits margins, giving sustainable investment returns.
As a consultancy driven entity, we are committed, through our network of affiliates, to deliver a wealth of accurate information that will facilitate and empower our clients to make sound decision, ensuring the transfer of assets to the next generation. 

Our brand is trust, when people learn of our reputation, and they have a good experience with great service, great ideas and great solutions, that's a deposit into our brand account, a brand built on positive based principles.

Perry DeCosta

President & CEO

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