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Honesty, integrity, timely project completion and cost effective building is what Black Pearl Development Company strives for.

The Bahamas construction and development industry is poised to take off; now that it appears that the recession is bottoming out. We are still a premier destination for a second home market. There are new resort construction development, homes being built, offices and manufacturing plants expanding.  Black Pearl Development Company realize; where there’s risk, there’s also a lot of opportunity and we believe hard work, a quality job and honesty in business will lead to success.  We want to build so well that an owner will invite us back for additional work.

Currently, BPDCL is working to develop 58.4 acres of land on the South Western Island of Andros. The development will comprise condominiums, shopping centre, hotel and second homes

Previously known as the ‘Out Islands’, and now call, the Family Islands (The islands other than New Providence/Nassau, Grand Bahama/Freeport and Abaco), provides the best opportunity for a development project for second homes for retired and semi-retired North and South Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

The Experience of the Family Islands summarizes the slogan currently used by the Ministry of Tourism, ‘The Bahamas, it keeps getting better.’

Therefore, we believe, the development of Family Islands with a resort, second homes shopping center, condominiums and second homes to be the catalyst for and investment opportunity.

Invariably, the support of a thriving local community is necessary to facilitate the employment that will be generated from this kind of development. We are looking to partner with investors, who are seeking to expand their asset base.

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