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FHL, a division of BP Energy Division, is committed to bringing to the public, the means by which they can partake of such a cost saving product. Our objective is, to have this product in every home throughout The Bahamas.

Reducing  the  imports of  fossil  fuels and  erasing  the  carbon  footprint on the islands  is a major  endeavor  for  BP Energy  Division .One  of  the largest consumer  and  supporter  of  fossil  fuels is the hotel   industry .This  industry  can  make a  significant leap  forward  if, they can  evolve  over  time and reduce  their  dependence  on fuels   and  inaugurate  the  use of fuel  cells as  their primary  energy  supply.

Swift Access is the consummate Car Rental Company, making renting a vehicle easily accessible to Bahamians, and tourist alike. Through marketing our products to the general   public, via T.V. Radio and print media, we will in effect, direct business/customers to our company.

No company in the region currently manufactures pharmaceuticals and the importing of these products has become a major industry in and of itself. Filion pharmaceuticals Intl’(FPI)has  partnered  with  companies in Canada, Dubai and India to find ways of lowering the cost of pharmaceuticals  and making them affordable in the  health and wellness  market  of the Bahamas and Caribbean.

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