MinNassa Farms

MinNassa Farms is a wholesale distribution company, importing food products to meet the demand of the market.

Particularly, we focus our imports on a select group of products that are in high demand across the broad sector of the populace. Our products range from snack foods to pasta, spices, flour and poultry.

Selectively, we try to bring to the Bahamian public, foods that cover the recommended daily balance for a nutritional diet.

Currently, the Bahamas imports over 78% of its food and while these statistics are staggering, yet, it is the primary reason for the success of MinNassa Farms Company, Ltd.

Seafood’s are a precious commodity in the local community and hotels and restaurants industry in the Bahamas. We continue to import some of these very valuable commodities and distribute them among the local vendors and hotels, e.g., Shrimp, Clams, and Oysters.

The local products, Grouper, Snapper, and Lobster Tails are relatively easier products to purchase locally.

Our objective is, to provide the best selection of everyday products that consumers use and need thereby filling the role in the wholesale distribution business that’s affordable to the common man.

We have been able to capitalize on the needs of the public and to exceed our customer expectation consistently in every way; that is what makes us a great company.

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